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The Hate Game! December 23, 2008

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I have been bored to talk too much about kaushik but never about girls. This would be helpful when i talk about Aravind. He is one hell of a dude who had a shave(Well after a month or so) just because one of his crushes didn’t like guys with beards! Actually he didn’t seem to be bothered when one of his professors told him to come clean shaven when he meets him the next time for a question-answer session.

        This guy knows hell a lot of words from the tamil vocabulary to give others run for their lives that only a few people can comprehend them. Of course his escapades are never known back home. One of the most annoying things about this guy is his bigotry to day to day happenings.

People have to be careful while accousting him. It could prove fatal to your ears and ofcourse your life!He could prove to be a valuable asset to our country’s fanatic groups.



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During my brief stay at bangalore kaushik and myself went places during the day. On one such occasion in Volvo chair coach(It was a town bus!), i happened to meet one of his (Guess what would come here!)friends. As usual i was the neglected one. But, atlast kaushik was generous enough to introduce me to him/her(Let the ambiguity remain!). Later did i learn why he had pursued his friendship with renewed interest and why was he so generous.

Some time very soon there will be a day when all of Bangalore’s sizzling beauties would fall on his knees and he would be at their mercy. God bless Him!(Oh no!I didn’t really mean the last line.)


The National Language Ambiguity December 21, 2008

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Well i happened to board Navjeevan Express about 15 minutes before its scheduled departure of 9:35 AM. Since it was day time and as the train traversed through Andra Pradesh for most of the day i could see a lot of  Andrites occupying seats illegitimately in reseerved compartments.

Mine Happened to be a upper berth while a Gujarati Seth occupied the opposite one. This fellow happened to know only Gujarati and Hindi. While a telegu family was negotiating with him for a place to sit till the next stop where they would disembark. Well, since the fellow didn’t understand “Their” English they happened to change the language of conversation to Hindi. This was were the fun began.

The girl who had been negotiating was not that fluent in Hindi. Thats what i would call Thuuti-Fhooti Hindi. This was what she told the gujarati, “Ham Gudur aane se train se gir jaenge” (We shall fall from the train ones it reaches Gudur-the next stop) while what she should have told was “Ham Gudur……….train se uttar jaenge”

The gujarati happened to be dreading and felt as if it was he who would have caused the death of the family


Traveller’s Tales

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I happened to be travelling a lot since my vacation started due to various reasons. So, i thought, “Why not tell my experiences to people who read my blog ? ”

So, here they are now in this new section: Traveller’s Tales

One of the most funniest and interesting of them all was my journey to Ahmedabad from Chennai on the 6th of December by Navajeevan Express. Since it happened to be the anniversary of The Babbri Masjid demolision i happened to witness the thickest of the security cover provided at Chennai Central and Egmore. The latter i happened to witness as i had come to Chennai from Trichy that morning.

At Egmore baggage from frisked like never before. I was asked to open my bag and declare what i was carrying which after verification was given a clumpsy approval by way of a small sticker that was adamant enough not to stick to my bag (Which you i shall know later on). Well the lady constable who did this clumpsiest of the jobs told me,”You might have to open your bags again if you happen to lose this sticker.”

Since i had to take the suburban trains to reach Chennai Central i also happened to lose that sticker. Well i considered that normal as i saw a pool of those lying around me in the station premises. As i was told, i was asked to follow the same protocol at Central too before entering. But, this time i happened to preserve the sticker inside my bag by removing it from the surface.

This seems to be a long one. The funniest is yet to come!


Second Thoughts

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Due to persisting problems in updating my blog and a new post i had thought briefly about transferring my blog to blogger. Well, on second thoughts i have put that idea away for a while.


Today’s Feature November 8, 2008

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Well, after enough thought i have decided to continue with my memoir in two time spaces-the past and the present. i thought about letting them run concurrently.

From today’s diary:

Well got up around 9.30 in the morning only to find my mates’ rooms closed. Went about scouting for them and alas there they were playing carrom. When i thought i could join them in the next game they had finished playing by then.So, full of disappointment returned to my room.

As usual terror started his talk of me studying all the time he opens by room’s door to enter and me standing there without a reaction(Actually got used it!). After spending about an hour in the bathroom taking a shower i started my antics with my people

That Age :July 23rd 2006

I suppose t’was a sunday first day in hostel no.3 room no.18.

Well mine was not a proper hindi neither was my room mates english . His auto sounded like uto.

The very evening we had meet our senoirs. A message was sent through our glamour guy whom i thought to be my senior. I came to know he wasn’t only after a 15 minute chat. We had dress codes(formals, black shoes, no watches and belts). One other thing was we had to take a longer route to the institute by foot though a shorter one was available(Senior Rules-Funda). We were never to look at his face while talking and wish him every time we see him(We had always wished him bad luck)

Apart from these we were regularly called to the stadium (obivously to be ragged). Thus was the life for the first few weeks, a sort of routine.

Coming up…………………………..………………………………………………..The Firebrand Among Us


Garfield’s Nightmare October 8, 2008

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Hope this is not a copyright violation i’m going to be sued for!
I liked this edition of garfield very much in comparison with others.

Home sick making me delusional??? December 14, 2012

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It has been more than 2 years away from home in a foreign land that embraces everyone from any where on the globe. This day I decided I was going crazy not doing anything other than research….. (My fellow graduate students in schools around world would understand what those  “….” mean!) So, I decided to write a blog (Inner me: What the heck is wrong with you that you want to restart your dead blog?)

Anyways, I thought I could focus more on my research now that I have completed my courses (one at least) in pursuit of the ever great “Ph. D.” But my (home) sickness seems to have got the better of me. I think its more about that little black pet dog back home rather than the miscellaneous humans who are waiting to see my face after two years!

Earning to go home soon…..4 more months!!

Back to work now!


FUn ReTuRnS January 21, 2009

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Its the 3rd week since college started for the spring semester while its still winter here. Even then the winter isn’t as harsh as ot was last here (I literally froze).

I had my task cut out for the past week. Being the Joint Secretary of Students Chapter IIChe Rourkela Regional centre i had to print out and post invitations for the upcoming Students Congress between 5th and 9th of February.I also emailed certain invites with the help of a junior who happened to be a nice guy after all to which i also happened to get a reply!

After crossing several hurdles i managed to post them today. Hopefully expecting participants so that we could conduct our next students congress proclaiming that our last one recieved overhelming response in spite of the late announcements.

As usual out technical fest Confluence 2K9 [@K(] appears to be in shards of incompetent faculty who like introducing twists into the tale every now and then till the inaguration ceremony. Talk is on that there will be no COnfluence this time. In my opinion Confluence seems to be a concert of greedyness and incompetence and money instead of fusion of minds and technology.

Well, one thing that satisfies me is 4 days of holidays worth spending on the bed and of course books may be!